Wednesday, September 17, 2008

#785 Alvin Davis

Why this card is awesome: Because, again, how about an action shot of a great hitter instead of a terrible posed photograph where Davis has a dumb look on his face? I really think Topps was trying to screw Seattle in this set. While Davis didn't live quiet up to the weight put on his shoulders (to singlehandedly turn the franchise around from 10 years of futility) he was in fact a much better hitter than most remember.

Cool stat: Among first basemen who played at least 800 games from 1984 to 1991, Davis was 4th in RBI, 7th in homers, and 2nd in OBP.


Unknown said...

Another Arizona State Alum. They had quite the program in the early 80s, as evidenced by their representation in this set: Oddibe McDowell, Marty Barrett, Donnie Hill, Alvin Davis, and, of course, Barry Lamar Bonds.

They're having another good decade, recently producing Dustin Pedroia, Travis Buck, Andre Ethier, and Willie Bloomquist.

Unknown said...

In fact, according to B-R, only USC and the University of Texas have produced more major leaguers than ASU.

The 3 match up as follows:

Rookies of the Year:
ASU = 4
Texas = 1
USC = 3

All Stars:
ASU = 15
Texas = 8
USC = 18

Hall of Famers:
ASU = 2 (counting Bonds)
Texas = 1 (counting Clemens)
USC = 2 (counting Randy Johnson)