Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Introducing 1988 Topps Traded Tiffany (part 4)

This is part 4/4 of a teaser series for the 1988 Topps Traded Tiffany set we'll crack and display on this blog as soon as we finish the regular 1988 Topps set.

Here are two photos of the front of card #2T:

The point is to demonstrate the the cards are really shiny. This is what the Tiffany set looks like, with super high gloss on both the front and the back. You can't see it from the photos above, but it's also true that the super gloss changes the colors a little bit. At least in the 1988 set, the Tiffany cards (for both the regular issue set and the traded set) have whites that are actually a bit off-white, closer to yellow, and all of the other cards have a bit of a yellow shift as well. I guess that's a product of the application of the Tiffany gloss.

Otherwise, the card design, both front and back, is identical to that of the regular 1988 Topps set.

I'll be doing these cards a bit differently. Instead of listing why each card is awesome and a cool stat, I'll be putting an impact factor ranking on each player for his new team, and also tying in some stats.

There are some really nice cards in this set, so please stay tuned as we crack it open and go through it one card at a time, 88 Topps Cards style!

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Unknown said...

I'm not sure, but do you think that yellowing on the white borders has something to do with the halflife of the gloss Topps used to use on their cards? The gloss now is rather thin at times, however 80s gloss is thick and heavy, particularly on Tiffany and the Fleer glossy cards as well. It may be something that occurs over time.