Wednesday, September 17, 2008

#789 Indians Leaders

Why this card is awesome: Because this is our last team leaders card, and it's a great one. As an Indians fan in 1987, I don't think you could ask for a better shot, showing your team's two best sluggers (Joe Carter and Cory Snyder) with weapons in hand. The shot of the lit-up light stancheon in the back is fabulous. This card is definitely one of the very best from this set, and is simply an outstanding photograph.

Cool stat: The 1987 Indians were one of two teams that year to have 3 different guys with 30+ HR. Only the 1982 Brewers also accomplished this feat in the 1980s. As a comparison, 35 teams have done this since 1993, some of them having four guys with 30 HR.


Motherscratcher said...

As a kid in Cleveland I was somehow able to convince myself that the Indians would be great. But, in '87 we actually believed it in our guts.

I remember watching Cory Snyder make throws from the outfield. I will fight to the death anyone who argues that there was ever anyone with a better outfield arm in the history of human existence.

What an awesome card.

Unknown said...

I can't stand the fuchsia team text of the Indians cards in this set. They would have been better served with any other color.