Wednesday, September 17, 2008

#788 Ray Searage

Why this card is awesome: Because this is a guy most people never heard of, and yet he managed a 0.62 ERA in 1986, at least just with the White Sox. Seriously. Check it out.

Cool stat: I don't know a good way of looking up a stat like this, but check out what Searage did in 1986. He pitched 22 innings with Milwaukee to a 6.95 ERA, which is really bad. Then he pitched 29 innings with Chicago (AL) to a 0.62 ERA, which is really good. I wonder how many other pitchers ever had such a split. Here are the leaders for most IP in a full season allowing 2 or fewer ER.


Steve Gierman said...

That's the second time that he has done something like that ERA-wise. Check out his 84 stats, when he was called up to the Brewers. Then he fell back to Earth, just like he did with the White Sox.

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