Monday, August 25, 2008

Giveaway #10 PART TWO

Since dayf doesn't want the cards he won, here's another little contest to give them away.

The contest works like this: first person to post a comment with the best all-star team assembled from posted 88 Topps cards on this blog wins. I'm going to throw in a few unopened packs too.

Here's how it works:

You enter a name in the search box at the upper left of this page. It can be a first name or a last name. If there is some way to trick the search into accepting wildcards, that doesn't count. You can use the cards of any players that come up as a result of your search, provided that the name of the player on the card uses your exact search term.

For example, put "Leonard" in the search box. Jeffrey Leonard comes up, and you can use him. Mike Aldrete comes up because I mentioned Leonard in Aldrete's post, but you can't use Aldrete since the name "Mike Aldrete" doesn't include "Leonard." Len Matuszek's card doesn't come up, and you couldn't use him anyway, because even though his first name is Leonard, that's not what the name on the card shows.

Keep in mind that if your search turns up lots of results, they might be spread onto more than one page and you'll want to click "older posts" at the bottom to see cards from earlier in the set.

So, try to assemble to best team you can as follows:

Starting pitcher =
Relief pitcher =
Closer =
C =
1B =
2B =
3B =
SS =
OF =
OF =
OF =

I don't think there is a single search that will give you enough players to field an entire team. See how close you can get. You can be a little creative as far as assigning positions.

I've searched on this exhaustively and I think I know the best answer, but I'll wait at least a day to see if anybody beats it. Whenever I decide to end the contest, the best posted comment wins. Unlike other contests, you can go ahead and post multiple entries if you like. I'll count whichever one is your best. The final decision as to who's team is best is mine, but feel free to make your best argument to convince me.


Anonymous said...

I think I've got a full team of Jims:

SP - Clancy (54), a nice veteran
RP - Deshaies (24), part of a decent Astro bullpen
CL - Gott (127), coming off a breakout year
C - Sundberg (516), a solid Cubbie
1B - Traber (544)
2B - Gantner (337)
3B - Presley (285), hey, he got a "5" card somehow
SS - Pankovits? (487), listed as a 2B/3B, but played 5 games at short (poorly) in his career...
OF - Lindeman (562)
OF - Dwyer (521)
OF - Eisenreich (348)

It's not a team that would strike fear into anyone's heart, but last I checked, you need at least 12 players to play the game, so that ought to give the Jimmies a leg up on the competition. If that's not enough, I even have a manager!

Mgr - Leyland (624)

He's got a WS ring...

Andy said...

Not a bad answer, but everybody keep trying. I think it can be beat.

Steve Gierman said...

Let's have a team of Daves.

Dave's not here.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Starting pitcher = Dave Stewart
Relief pitcher = Dave Cone
Closer = Dave Smith
C = Dave Valle
1B = Dave Bergman
2B = Dave Concepcion
3B = Dave Magadan
SS = Dave Anderson
OF = Dave Henderson
OF = Dave Winfield
OF = Dave Parker

MGR = Dave Johnson

Andy said...

Hmm, that wasn't my answer, but I can't imagine beating it. One HOFer and several all-stars...

Let's see if anybody can beat it by 4pm tomorrow, otherwise Steve takes home the bacon.

Steve Gierman said...

You'll have to reveal your answer after the contest is over.

Cannonball said...

Here are some Mikes:

SP - Flanagan
RP - Dunne
CL - Henneman
C - Scioscia
1B - Aldrete
2B - Schmidt (6 career games)
3B - Lavalliere (a game)
SS - Pagliarulo (2 games)
LF - Greenwell
CF - Davis
RF - Marshall

Fly balls and strikeouts, please.

Ben said...

How about a very poor team of Steve's

Starting pitcher = Steve Trout
Relief pitcher = Steve Ontiveros
Closer = Steve Bedrosian
C = Steve Lake
1B = Steve Balboni
2B = Steve Sax
3B = Steve Kiefer
SS = Steve Jeltz
OF = Steve Henderson
OF = Steve Lyons
OF = Steve Buechele

Buechele played a very few games at left field in 1986.

Andy said...

I'm still going with Steve's team of Daves out front, but I'll take entries for a few more hours.

Unknown said...

How about a team of Kirby's ...

SP -
RP -
CL -
C -
1B -
2B -
3B -
SS -
OF - Kirby Puckett
OF -
OF -


Andy said...

It comes down to Daves vs Mikes.

The Mikes have the single best player on both teams in Mike Schmidt, but he's playing out of position at 2B. That was to make room for Lavalliere at 3B, who was there instead of catcher to make room for Scioscia at catcher. I give cannonball credit for creatively moving around his players.

However, the Daves have the three or four next best players with Winfield, Parker, Cone, and Stewart or Concepcion.

At the end of the day, I think the Daves win this pretty easily.

Congrats to Steve from White Sox Cards.

I have decided not to reveal my answer here, because I think it will form the basis for our next contest.