Tuesday, January 29, 2008

#81 Reds Leaders

Why this card is awesome: Because of the hilarious Happy Clown / Sad Clown action. Ron Robinson looks like somebody just gave him a puppy, while John Franco looks like somebody just killed his puppy. Of course, nobody in the entire 1988 Topps set looks more like a clown than Robinson.

Cool stat: Who do you think the highest-paid player was on the 1988 Reds? Check it out here, toward the bottom of the page. Not Eric Davis, Barry Larkin, Dave Concepcion, Kal Daniels, Paul O'Neill, Nick Esasky, Buddy Bell, Tom Browning, John Franco, or Rob Murphy. Nope, it was Leon Durham.

Franco's got a small (and I do mean small) chance at the HOF.


Anonymous said...

I thought Franco was a HOFer until he went to the Mets. And I always though Robinson would make a good clown. Great minds think alike.

Luke said...

Ron's cards always scared me as a kid. He reminds me of Rocky from Mask (w/cher and sam elliot)