Tuesday, July 29, 2008

#557 Craig Reynolds

Why this card is awesome: Because this card looks like it was taken on a high school field. Check out those bleachers. Right behind home plate and yet about only 6 rows deep! That's spring training for ya!

Cool stat: Excluding pitchers, Reynolds is one of 5 guys to have an OPS+ under 100 every year from 1979 to 1989.


Unknown said...

A 2-time All-Star, including 1979. Each team gets a rep at the All-Star game; but was Craig Reynolds really the best choice for the 79 Astros??

MMayes said...

That 1979 season may have been Garry Templeton's "If I ain't starting, I ain't departing" season. Joaquin Andujar also represented the Astros. The NL shortstops were Dave Concepcion, Larry Bowa (starter), Templeton and Reynolds. Templeton didn't play. Concepcion didn't play. I suspect Concepcion was elected by the fans, but didn't play because of injury (although he didn't miss any games for the Reds). Tommy Lasorda then would have picked Reynolds as a late fill-in (he was hitting .272 at the break and had played previously for Seattle, where the game was held). Still, not a guy I think of as an All-Star.