Friday, July 18, 2008

#535 Ron Guidry

Why this card is awesome: Because 11 cards after Gary Lucas, have a very similar position shot, right down to the oversized cap.


Cool stat: Over the last 40 years, only two pitchers have had multiple seasons with 22+ wins and a W-L% of .750 or better. Gator and 38bitches.


Luke said...

Wow, what a season in '78 for guidry...

His name should be mentioned more often when "yankee greats" are discussed

Unknown said...

Guidry remains underrated.

He ranks 15th all-time in Cy Young shares. The only player ahead of him that doesn't have a decent shot at the Hall is Saberhagen.

His 9 shutouts in 1978 is tied for 2nd most in the last 40 years.

Only 3 pitchers have won more Gold Gloves than him (Kaat, Gibson, and Maddux).

Guidry should have gotten more consideration for the Hall; he is a borderline candidate. Of course, his 170 career wins is pretty modest. With one two more healthier seasons, he might have gotten in.

Jim said...

Each of his great years were all with Billy Martin as manager. He seemed to flourish when MArtin was there, then Martin would leave and his stats would go down.