Tuesday, January 29, 2008

#83 Jose Oquendo

Why this card is awesome: Because I swear it looks like Oquendo is standing on a farm.

Cool stat: Lots of interesting things about Oquendo's playing career. Firstly, he went to the Dave Magadan school of slugging, which teaches you NOT to slug. In fact, Oquendo's career OBP of .346 is nearly 30 points higher than his career SLG of .317. Wowsers. In fact, check this out: since 1901, for players with at least 3500 career PAs, Oquendo has the 10th lowest figure for total bases. And of the 9 guys ahead of him, all but 3 played at least part of their career no later than 1910.


Uglee Card said...

Remember the day Oquendo played all nine positions in one game? What exactly was the point of that?
This card makes it look like he's still basking in the glow of that magical day.

MMayes said...

I remember a game in 1988 where he had to pitch in extra innings. He had to take the bump for 4 innings, the first three scoreless (but eventful). Jose DeLeon played in the outfield the last few innings.

Andy said...

That was this game, which has the most screwed up box score I've ever seen. Brunansky and DeLeon kept switching positions, I assume to try to keep DeLeon away from the place the batter was more likely to hit the ball.