Monday, January 21, 2008

#48 Alan Ashby

Why this card is awesome:
Because I'm a sucker for the great spring training shots. Just look at that nice simple batting cage and miles and miles of blue sky in the background. Gets you excited for pitchers & catchers reporting in a few weeks, huh?

Cool stat: From his splits, you can see that Ashby batted 7th or 8th almost exclusively in his career. Aside from a smattering of plate appearances in other spots, he had one that sticks out: In this game on May 12, 1986, he batted first against Shane Rawley. It's actually not that unusual. He pinch-hit for the pitcher, who previously came in as part of a double-switch and got moved to the 1st spot in the order. Who was that pitcher? Good ol' Jeff Calhoun.

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