Saturday, January 19, 2008

#38 Jeff Calhoun

Why this card is awesome: Because any card that mentions Ronnn Reynnnolds is awesome.

Cool stat: League leaders in ERA+ for 1984 to 1987, minimum 100 games pitched: 1. M Eichhorn, 2. R Murphy, 3. T Burke, 4. D Moore, 5. D Quisenberry, 6. T Worrell, 7. D Smith, 8. J Calhoun. Calhoun was a very effective pitcher in his entire career, with the exception of the aborted 1988. Does anybody know what happened to him? I assume he suffered some sort of serious injury.

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Luke said...

Someone must of thought there was only one Jeff Calhoun in the USA. Check out Wikipedia. One person has Jeff as a former ML pitcher, and famous choreographer, but as the birth year, 2 years off.

Matt S said...

Thanks for pointing this out Luke, I'm a supporter of Wikipedia so I cleaned it up a little and made it easier to find the link to Jeff Calhoun (baseball player) and disambiguate from Jeff Calhoun (choreographer).