Monday, October 6, 2008

#56T Darrin Jackson

Those are some dark and fuzzy people in the background. Insert your own joke here.

Jackson had a really strange career including:
  • Getting 11 ABs in 1985 and 5 ABs in 1987 before finally qualifying as a rookie with 188 ABs in 1988.
  • Despite playing 12 years and hitting 80 HR, he had nearly half of those HR in just 2 seasons (1991 with 21 and 1992 with 17.)
  • He had an enormously bad OBP of .293 and a horrific K/BB ratio of 480/131.
IMPACT FACTOR 1/10: Jackson did fairly little in parts of 4 seasons with the Cubs, and then left town in a trade involving players all either past their prime or with no prime.

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night owl said...

Darrin Jackson is now part of one of the most beloved or despised (depending on your rooting interest) broadcasting teams, along with Hawk Harrelson.