Monday, October 6, 2008

#55T Danny Jackson

IMPACT FACTOR 5/10: Jackson came over in the Ted Power / Kurt Stillwell trade, having one excellent year (1988), one decent year (1990), and one crummy year (1989) for the Reds. He helped the Reds beat the Pirates in the 1990 NLCS but was ineffective in the World Series, deserving little credit for the Reds' championship. He departed as a free agent.


Johngy said...

He didn't do much for my Cubs either.

Luke said...

the irony of beating the pirates (and mentioned w/ted power)

future bucco!!!!!

capewood said...

Jackson was picked from the Cubs in 1992 by the Marlins in the expansion draft then immediately traded to the Phillies for two nobodies. He was 12-11 for the Phillies in 1993, and was 0-1 in the 1993 World Series. He had a great year for the Phillies in 1994, going 14-6 in the strike-shortened 1994 season for a Phillies team that was terrible. He parlayed that into a 3-year contract worth $10.7 million with the Cardinals. He was 4-14 in those three years, hurt most of the time.