Monday, September 15, 2008

#767 Jose Lind

Why this card is awesome: Because I was wrong. There's that ice cube again! This is also the final Future Stars card of the set.

Chico Lind was a pretty exciting player, at least for his defense at 2B, but off-field problems began to interfere with his career and eventually landed him in jail for a while.

Cool stat: Although he didn't run that much, Lind was a good base stealer. Since 1951, among guys who finished with no more than 19 CS, Lind had one of the top SB totals. (That ignores parts of players' careers before 1951.)


Mike S said...

After some thought, I determined that Jose Lind was the Major Leaguer to whom I was most comparable as a player. Slick-fielding second baseman, good contact, decent speed, zero power. No arrests here, though. ;)

Andy said...

I bet you can't backflip like Chico either. I recall that he did quite a few on-field flips, like The Wizard.