Thursday, August 28, 2008

#668 Walt Terrell

Why this card is awesome: Because here's trade that the Mets got the better of. After a few solid, but average, years with the Mets, they shipped him to Detroit for Howard Johnson, who was a pretty productive player for New York.

Cool stat: Terrell has one of the most recent seasons with double-digits complete games but a below-average ERA. Interestingly, Jack Morris did it 3 years in a row!


Unknown said...

Actually, Terrell is just half the story.

The Mets traded Lee Mazzilli for Walt Terrell and Ron Darling and then, as Andy said, ended up turning Terrell around a couple of years later for HoJo.

So, from Lee Mazzilli alone, they extracted two key components for their 1986 Championship.

(And, they even re-signed Mazzilli down the stretch in 1986. I guess that means that Terrell is the odd man out here.)

Mike S said...

Even as a Mets fan, it still feels weird to think back on HoJo (and his three 30-30 seasons) and recall that he was an elite player. He just doesn't look like a star player.

As for Walt Terrell, meh.

Luke said...

Future bucco!!

hojo was one of my favorite players growing up...