Thursday, August 28, 2008

#667 Luis Quinones

Why this card is awesome: Because, boy oh boy, Quinones sure does not look very confident is this photo. If I had to guess, I'd say that in the last half-inning, he made a bad error that allowed 2 runs to score, and he's nervous about going out on to the field in the next half-inning.

True dat, his fielding stats, at least as far as errors and range factor, were quite poor in the major leagues.

Cool stat: In his last year in the big leagues, 1992, Quinones had a .200 BA but only a .167 OBP. How did he do that? Sacrifice flies count against OBP but not BA. He had 1 hit in 5 AB that year, but also 1 SF, giving him 1-for-6 when calculating OBP. Only 5 guys have ever had a seasonal BA as high as .200 and an OBP as low as .167. Quinones, and 4 pitchers.

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