Thursday, August 14, 2008

#613 Bobby Thigpen

Why this card is awesome: Because Thigpen sure burned through the minors. Signed in 1985 and made it to the bigs by 1986!

Cool stat: Thigpen was the first pitcher ever to record 50+ saves in a season with an ERA+ of at least 200. He still holds the single-season record for saves, although it has been challenged a few times.


David said...

For a while, it looked like K-Rod would break Thigpen's record easily. It's tightening up (though he's still on pace for 62 saves). I'm gonna go out on a (short) limb and say that he won't make it.

Also, Thigpen's enormous save total in 1990 usurped attention from Eckersley's superior performance as a closer (48 saves, 0.61 ERA, 0.61 WHIP).

Jim said...

Some say he overuse in 1990 led to a not so brilliant career afterwards

ajnrules said...

Well as of this writing, Thigpen's record has fallen, although he still had a higher ERA+.