Thursday, August 14, 2008

#612 Curt Ford

Why this card is awesome: Because Ford is rocking some nice bling around his neck, plus has some weird wrist bands.

Curt Ford always reminds me of Curt Flood.

Cool stat: Ford once had 10 total bases in a game, including 2 of his 7 career homers.


Uglee Card said...

He's also rockin the REAL stirrups. Suhweet.

jred17 said...

Curt Ford, unlike Curt Flood, did not refuse to report to the Phillies upon being traded to them from the Cardinals. Maybe he should have. Yet another player whose career came to die with the Phils in the late 80s.

MMayes said...

The reason Curt Ford was traded to the Phillies had a little to do with attitude. I remember him as a little slap-hitting speedster that wore a jai-alai looking mitt when he went into the field. In '88 or '89 the Cards were having trouble finding a first baseman, they had no room in the outfield and Curt was hitting pretty good. Whitey even made comments in the paper that, "You know, if Curt Ford wanted more playing time he might consider picking up a first baseman's mitt and taking some infield." I guess he liked the jai alai mitt more than the prospect of playing first base.