Thursday, August 14, 2008

#614 Herm Winningham

Why this card is awesome: Because of the reminder of the interesting trade on the back that sent Gary Carter to the Mets. I can't decide if it was a terrible trade for Montreal or not. Fitzgerald ended up as a decent backup catcher, and Brooks was a pretty good player who played most of the time. Winningham was fairly inconsequential, and Youmans was at time brilliant but never consistent. Still, Montreal had Carter for most of his best years, and the 4 guys they got back helped keep them competitive while they developed a great farm system.

I always thought that Herm's name sounded like he had just taken top prize in a county fair--with the Winning Ham, you know.

Cool stat: Back in 1990, Winningham had a 3-triple game. Such games are far rarer than 3-homer games. Since 1956, there have been just 13 games where a guy got 3 triples, whereas we've had 361 games where a guy got at least 3 homers.


Jim said...

His middle name is Son.. that's a cool stat

Cannonball said...

That is pretty cool.

ajnrules said...

I'll always remember Herm Winningham for appearing in Dave Concepcion's Topps 1987 card and also Don Mattingly's Topps 1993 card.