Tuesday, August 12, 2008

#606 Moose Haas

Why this card is awesome: Because so soon after Bobby Valentine's card, here's another guy with his hand in an inappropriate place. Also I like all those cables in the background that have been painted blue so they'd blend in. Pretty effective--I bet you didn't notice them until I pointed them out!

Cool stat: Haas is among a rare group of pitchers who threw at least 190 innings in a major-league season at age 21 or younger. It's very interesting to note how many of those guys went on to have arm trouble and/or injury trouble in their careers. The list includes Alex Fernandez, Felix Hernandez, Bret Saberhagen, Britt Burns, Steve Avery, and some others. Haas himself was done by age 31, and this was his last card.

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David said...

Fernando appears on that list twice; and Gooden three times. What could have been ...