Tuesday, August 12, 2008

#605 Kirk Gibson

Why this card is awesome: Because Gibson looks incredibly bad-ass in this shot. Lean and muscular, the way power-hitters used to be built.

1988 turned out to be a very special year for Gibson. He was NL MVP, but that's not what anybody remembers. This is.

Stay tuned for another 1988 World Series hero coming up very shortly.

Gibson might be the only player ever to win a league MVP award without ever appearing in an all-star game, not counting of course those players who came before the existing of the all-star game.

Cool stat: Gibson and Darryl Strawberry tie for most seasons in the 80s with at least 24 HR but fewer than 100 RBI. It's kind of a weird thing--Gibby had an OPS+ of at least 130 in every one of those 5 seasons and even played 149 or more games 3 times, yet couldn't quite reach 100 RBI. One reason might be that his teams were not only good but pretty balanced, and the RBI were spread out more evenly among the players on each team.


capewood said...

I remember watching that home run live. I never get tired of seeing it again.

Luke said...

would you believe...Gibson...FUTURE BUCCO!

MMayes said...

Eric Byrnes interviewed him for his XM radio show in the offseason before the '08 season. Byrnes called him "Wackjob" and told Gibby no matter how much he protested, he was taking "Wacker" to get a manicure/pedicure during spring training. Somehow, I can't see that turning out well.