Monday, August 11, 2008

#604 Chris Bando

Why this card is awesome: Because this is one of the very rare cards in the set featuring a player in another team's uniform on the card. See what I mean? There are two Brewers in the background on the left.

Chris Bando is the much younger brother of the more-successful major-league player Sal Bando.

Cool stat: Bando didn't hit much in his career except for 1984, but it was in 1982 that he had his only 4-hit game.


Jim said...

Brewer? I say Mariner

MMayes said...

Brewer Sal Bando (many time All-Star with power, but often not a great batting average, if memory serves) will be #265 in the next blog.

MMayes said...

Chris is now a missionary in Latin America.

Blogger said...

Sprinter - DarKz (170BPM)