Wednesday, August 6, 2008

#589 Geno Petralli

Why this card is awesome: Because this card joins Wade Boggs in the ass-grabbing catchers category. And to do it to another catcher!

Cool stat: I can't think of much to say about Petralli. He had 31 game-ending PAs, and two of them were walk-off singles.


Spudart said...

and he's sportin' the mustache. oh yah! I'd love to see the percentage of players who sport a stache in their 88 Topps card. Actually, it would be interesting to see a graph like that over the years--percentage of staches on baseball cards per year. What year was the height of the baseball stache?

ajsnyc22 said...

Geno was coming off a historic 1987: he set the record for most passed balls in a season (35), game (6, on 8/30) and inning (4). This was the result of catching Charlie Hough on the Rangers.

I couldn't think of much to say about Petralli either and I was 99% sure when I saw this card that he would just be written up as the passed ball guy.

Andy said...

I had forgotten about Petralli's PB record, mainly because it doesn't show up on anywhere.

I will be relying on you, the readers, on the new 78 Topps blog since I am less familiar with stats like these about older players.

Also, spudart, somebody (I forget who) was counting mustahces a lot on earlier cards in this set. Put 'mustache' in the search box and I think you'll find it...