Wednesday, February 27, 2008

#200 Wade Boggs

Why this card is awesome: Because while it's a great shot, tied in beautifully by the red on Bogg's stirrups, this card is ruined by the fact that the catcher appears to be reaching between Wade's legs and adjusting his, umm, goodies.

Cool stat: Everybody knows that Boggs was an awesome hitter. But how about this? From 1983 to 1989 (when Boggs had at least 200 hits every single year,) he led baseball in hits with 1479. The second-place guy was Tony Gwynn, with 180 fewer hits. That's almost a full season's worth of hits extra for Boggs.

Hall of Fame count: 20

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MMayes said...

I don't think I'd realized how far Boggs was head and shoulders above the league in those years (1983-1989). In addition to hits, he also lead all of baseball in walks (averaging over 100/year), doubles (averaging over 42/yr), on base percentage, OPS and OPS+ (with a score of 152). That's a pretty dominant run fueled by chicken and stewardesses.