Thursday, February 28, 2008

#201 Rangers Leaders

Why this card is awesome: Because you KNOW that Pete Incaviglia has just told a dirty joke. Who else is on this card? I think that's Steve Buechele on the right, right?

Cool stat: Wow, check out the performance of Texas DH's in 1988. A .197 BA and a .303 SLG. Designated poopy-pants is more like it. Larry Parrish led the way with a .190 BA in 247 AB as the DH, but other guys under .200 as the DH include Incaviglia (76 AB), Kevin Reimer (22), Larry See (18), Barabo Garbey (17), Ruben Sierra (4), Curtis Wilkerson (2), Jerry Browne (1), and Pete O'Brien (1).


Extra Innings said...

I guess Jeff Russell and Pete O'Brien as the other two guys on the card.

Maybe I'm looking too far into this, but their might be an eye glass lens right below the bill on "Russell's" cap. That's why I chose O'Brien.

I've always thought the team leaders cards have been some of the most laid back photos of players.

Luke said...

Yes, that is Steve Buechele, card #13 for future buccos!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that "Shutouts...NONE" on the back.