Wednesday, August 6, 2008

#588 Jeff Parrett

Why this card is awesome: Because two straight years of making the Expos and then going back to the minors should have told you something about where Parrett's career was heading. The most notable thing he achieved was getting traded for Dale Murphy.

Cool stat: My comment immediately above is a bit harsh. Parrett did finish with a 104 ERA+, but he never had a single seasonal ERA+ between 90 and 114, except for his first full year in 1987 when he posted a 100 even. Every other year, he either sucked or kicked ass. You never knew what you were getting.

Unfortunately, I can't think of any way to look this up on the Play Index to demonstrate how odd it was. So check out his main page yourself.

But I promised a cool stat for every card, so how about Parrett's career performance against Dale Murphy?

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Joe said...

I recall that Harry Caray loved to call Jeff "Harold". I recently read Steve Stone's book and he indicated that he had finally asked Harry about it, and Harry told him that Harold Parrett sounded better. Steve apparently pointed out that it wasn't his name, but oh well.