Tuesday, August 5, 2008

#585 Ozzie Guillen

Why this card is awesome: Because of the bonus shot of Bob Boone, catching for the Angels. Now, here's a question for Steve. We can also see the White Sox' first base coach in that shot. Who would that have been in 1987? Maybe we can uptick the Hall of Fame counter!

If you've been living under a rock, Guillen is now the manager of the White Sox.

Cool stat: Guillen was a horrendous offensive player. How bad? For players amassing at least 7000 PA since 1980, he has the worst OBP. He's the only guy under .300 and he's worst by a good margin. And look who's number 2! Number 1 Mr. Overrated, Joe Carter.


White Sox Cards said...

Still looking for my 1987 yearbook to tell me definitely but I can narrow it down to four possibilities. Doug Rader, Dyar Miller, Deron Johnson or Ed Brinkman.

All four were non-pitching coaches for the Sox in 1987.

Jim said...

Holy #@$&*$ ^%@#%$ it's Ozzie! One of the worst rookie of the year choices ever, 1985, just look at those scintillating numbers!

He made it possible for guys like Walt Weiss to win it later.

Andy said...

Rader seems a good possibility--the guy definitely has Rader's build. Is Johnson black? Because the guy in the photo looks white. In any event, it isn't a HOFer.

Also, Jim, funny you should say that about Guillen's ROY award, because there was just a similar discussion on a post I made over on A Pack A Day about Ernie Riles. See here:


White Sox Cards said...

They are all white. Narrowed it down to Rader, Johnson and Brinkman. All had similar builds, at least similar enough in unfocused world.

Rader managed two games for the White Sox in 1986 between LaRussa's firing and Fregosi's hiring.