Tuesday, August 5, 2008

#584 Steve Trout

Why this card is awesome: Because that's got to be the fuzziest guy I've ever seen in the background of a baseball card. He's too fuzzy to be an infielder or baserunner--he must be an outfielder or at least someone shagging flies in the outfield.

Cool stat: Since 1901, Trout makes the top 20 in WHIP for pitchers with at least 1500 IP. By top 20, I mean highest 20. As in, he sucked. It's actually fairly wacky that he managed a career ERA+ of 96 and finished just a few games under .500.


David said...

As far as I'm concerned, that fuzzy figure counts as an unconfirmed Big Foot sighting.

White Sox Cards said...

This has to be a first. There is actually a Steve Trout card that doesn't make him look like a woman.

Well, at least not as glaring.

Andy said...

Holy crap...you know when somebody else says something that suddenly makes the world much clearer? I always had a funny feeling when I looked at Trout's cards....those rosy cheeks....those supple breasts...now I know...thanks Steve!