Monday, August 4, 2008

#578 Gary Gaetti

Why this card is awesome: Because Gaetti looks so confused. I assume he's looking at the third-base coach, trying to read the sign.

Cool stat: Gaetti had quite a 1998. For players 39 or older with fewer than 500 PAs in a season, Gaetti makes the top 10 for RBI. Some very nice company on that list. Interestingly, I think that was the best year Gaetti ever had.


David said...

Gaetti had a number of good seasons in the late 80s with the Twins (but how do you explain his 1984 drop in HRs?). I didn't realize he struggled so much in the 90s, dropping his career OPS+ below 100.

IN FACT, Gaetti has the most career HRs for anyone with a below-average OPS+!

Andy said...

You're right about that, David.

Here is the list:

BTW David--which David are you? There are so many out there. Are you one of the guys with your own blog, or are you just a regular reader/fan?

David said...

Simply your average reader with just enough knowledge of BB-Ref's Play Index to be dangerous.