Monday, August 4, 2008

#579 Mets Leaders

Why this card is awesome: Because of a ridiculous pair. Seems like Gary Carter is always flashing that million-dollar smile. And Kevin McReynolds looks pretty damned dorky. Does he realize that although he's got his bat and helmet, he should probably take off the warm-up jacket before stepping in the cage?

I also like how far back you can see into the stands.

Cool stat: The 1988 Mets won 100 games but were one of just 5 teams with 1 or none players with 400 AB and a .271 or better BA. Nice and balanced, I suppose.

Hall of Fame count: 37

Carter rung up #35 on the HOF counter, with Don Sutton coming in between. That's Black & Decker sandwiched between two Kids.


Jim said...

ONE championship for this team, whatta crime... loaded with talent.

MMayes said...

The same could be said for the late 60's - early 70's Orioles. Great talented team with amazing pitching and defense, but only one championship. Derailed by Miracle Mets and Roberto Clemente.