Thursday, July 24, 2008

#546 John Candelaria

Why this card is awesome: Because he the Candy Man might as well have been wearing a ski mask. The bill of his car hides his eyes and the shadow from his own round face hides his mouth and chin. But damn, at least we can see that nose.

Cool stat: Candelaria had great control. For pitchers with at least 2500 IP in the last 60 years, he ranks pretty high in fewest walks per 9 IP. Bret Saberhagen is first, actually.


Luke said...

a rarity: past and future bucco!

i'm still waiting for the PR @ PNC to get a John Canadleria Bobble Head day

MMayes said...

I remember watching his no-hitter on ABC's Monday Night Baseball. I believe it was the first nationally televised regular season no-hitter.