Thursday, July 24, 2008

#547 Felix Fermin

Why this card is awesome: Because this card shows you what was expected of middle infielders before the Steroids Era. The guy never hit particularly well in the minors but still made it to the bigs fairly directly. And the way he hit in the minors? That's pretty much what he did in the majors. Career .259 / .305 / .303.

Cool stat: Fermin had 6 or more total bases in a game 3 times, and his team won each time. He had 6 ribbies in one of those games.


Jim said...

Traded by the Cleveland Indians with Reggie Jefferson and cash to the Seattle Mariners for Omar Vizquel.

Fantastic trade by the Mariners! Omar Vizquel will never be anything in this league!


Cannonball said...

What's that minor league team for which he played? "Prince Wil'm"?

David said...

I believe that's Prince William County in Virginia, a suburb of D.C. They were a single-A affiliate of the Pirates from 1984 to 1986.

Andy said...

I remember the Fermin-Vizquel trade well. At the time, it was two no-hit shortstops changing places. I assumed that each team hoped to give their guy one last chance in a new location.

Fermin is long gone from baseball (as a player at least) while Vizquel had 11 fairly productive years with Cleveland followed by 4 fairly unproductive years with the Giants.

Weirdest of all was Vizquel's 1999, when he batted .333 over a full season with the Indians. His career batting average is .273, a whopping 60 point difference. He's never hit even .300 in any other season.

Jim said...

Omar may be the best fielding SS of all time, add in all those hits and wow, whatta career.

MMayes said...

According to Scout Pablo Cruz, Felix Fermin, like love, will find a way.