Wednesday, July 23, 2008

#545 Don Baylor

Why this card is awesome: Because this card captured Don Baylor on the Twins, in the middle of a very cool thing he was involved with. He went to the World Series three years in a row, with three different teams! (1986 with Boston, 1987 with Minnesota, and 1988 with Oakland.) Has anybody else ever done that?

Oh, and two huge cotton balls just shot out of his ears.

Cool stat: Trivia time: since 1901, name the 8 guys with at least 300 career HR and 250 career stolen bases. Some are easy, some are hard. Baylor makes the cut.


ajsnyc22 said...

Reggie Sanders was close, for the 2001 Diamondbacks, 2002 Giants and 2004 Cardinals. Plus, before that run he was on two straight defending NL champions, the 1999 Padres and 2000 Braves.

capewood said...

Lonnie Smith was close as well. He went to 5 World Series with 4 teams over a 12-year period, getting a ring in three of them.

Andy said...

capewood, you stole my thunder there a bit, as Lonnie Smith's card is still coming up and I was going to point that out about him. And of course, he didn't come close to getting to 3 WS in 3 years with 3 different teams. Smith was a pretty underrated player, though.

Anonymous said...

I knew them all but A-Rod. Well, and Baylor, but you gave us that one.

capewood said...

Lonnie won his first WS with the Phillies (my team) in 1980. He had this ability to seem to propel his upper body faster than his legs were going. Consequently, he fell down a lot. It was in Philly that he got his nickname, "Skates".

MMayes said...

Stealing more Lonnie Smith thunder:

1st year with Phillies, 1980, WS Championship
1st year with Cardinals, 1982, WS Championship
1st year with Royals, 1985, WS Championship

It ended there:
1st year with Braves, 1988, last place (WS loser in 1991-1992)
1st year with Pirates, 1993, 5th place
1st year with Orioles, 1993, 3rd place