Friday, June 6, 2008

#487 Jim Pankovits

Why this card is awesome: Because is that a wad of tobacco in your cheek or are you just happy to see us?

Like Don Slaught's card, this card confused me into thinking that Pankovits was was a pitcher. Doesn't it look like he's starting his windup here?

Cool stat: Check out his career splits. Almost a third of his career PAs came as a pinch hitter. But why? He his a dreadful .211/.247/.273 as a PH. I mean, that is really quite sucktacular.

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Douglas said...

I just wanted to say that for guys like Pankovitz (and bench players like him, I find it actually pretty amazing that he performed as well with the stick as he did. His lifetime avg. was only a tick below the league avg., as was his slugging and on-base pct. And when you figure that a third of his lifetime at-bats were as a pinch-hitter -- which is the hardest thing in all of baseball to do (maybe for any sport) -- and you realize that his bad PH batting avg. was dragging down his other at-bats. He probably was a pretty decent hitter, but didn't excel at PH. And when you consider how sparsely he played and how difficult that role is for a player coming off the bench. My hats off to Pankovitz and all the Pankovitz's in baseball!