Saturday, June 7, 2008

#488 Andy McGaffigan

Why this card is awesome: Because McGaffigan looks like he's on the verge of cracking up. After seeing this card, I always assumed that McGaffigan was a joker.

Cool stat: From 1981 to 1988, just 5 guys had fewer hits than IP every single year. It's an impressive list, and McGaffigan's on it.


MMayes said...

It looks like Andy worked construction in the offseason. He either had an unfortunate accident with a rapid fire nail gun or he got into a rake fight without wearing his face mask.

zman40 said...

I was too busy admiring the super porn-stache to even notice. Speaking of porn-staches, has anyone seen Jason Giambi lately? His is rockin'!

Mike S said...

I haven't seen "No Country for Old Men," but I hear that McGaffigan was great in it.