Tuesday, May 20, 2008

#462 Don Slaught

Why this card is awesome: Because for a long time, I assumed Slaught was a pitcher due to this picture. I realize that sounds odd, but I became a baseball fan in the offseason between 1987 and 1988, and this photo really confused me for later, when I couldn't understand why Sluggo wasn't pitching.

Cool stat: This is neat. Look at the list of all pitchers that Slaught homered more than once off of: Tanana, Harnisch, Leibrandt, Bud Black, Mike Morgan, Higuera, Tommy John, and Curt Young. That's a pretty good group of guys.


Luke said...


Sluggo was a great addition to the bucs. Not alot of teams could have a two catcher platoon like the early 90's buccos.

Other than Kendall (and hopefully Doumit), Spanky and Sluggo were the last 2 catchers they actually had that were effective

MMayes said...

Looks like most of those pitchers "On" Slaught homered multiple times off were junkballing lefties by the time he came along.

The Yankee Despiser said...

Interesting that Topps did not list the position on the front of the card. I think it was the first time they omitted that info.

DIIILacrosse.com said...

Isn't the catcher's glove he's wearing a dead giveaway?