Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baby on board

Well, little did I know yesterday morning when I posted Danny Darwin's card that the doctor was going to decide to deliver the baby yesterday afternoon. But that's what happened. Right around the time Jon Lester finished off his no-hitter, she was already fast asleep after feeding.

Anybody else out there have kids born on memorable dates in baseball history?


Kevin said...

Congrats Andy! I don't have any kids myself, but the following happened on my birthday, August 5, 1982:

Jim Palmer won his 257th career game over Vida Blue and the Royals, 5-1. He gave up only three hits, with the lone KC run coming on a George Brett homer. That's good enough for me!

Luke said...

I don't know if it counts, but

Jan 20th 1960 - Ted Williams Elected to the hall....22 years later, I entered the world!

capewood said...

My first child, a son, was born on 4/13/84, the day Pete Rose became only the second player to get 4,000 hits. Ironically he got the hit against the Phillies, who he used to play for and my favorite team.

Jim said...

my child was born in December 0f 1995, no baseball that day.

My 6th bday was when Reggie Jackson hit 3 HRs in the World Series v. the Dodgers. My fist baseball memory.

White Sox Cards said...


Johnny Bench hit two home runs as the Reds won the World Series the day I was born.

Of course, one of the most iconic moments happened exactly one year before I was born. Carlton Fisk's 6th game World Series home run.

MMayes said...

My birthdate (4/17/64) was the first game at Shea. I am not afraid of the final game at Shea. Bring it on.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Andy.

dayf said...


ajsnyc22 said...

Congratulations! When she's older she'll appreciate how special a day it was for you, but hopefully she'll also be enough of a fan to appreciate how special a day it was for Jon Lester.

Uglee Card said...

Congratulations to you, Mrs. 88 Topps and the newest 88 Topps fan!

On June, 28, 1978, the Mets lost the Cubs, so it didn't start good for me. (Although Manny Trillo got a walk in his only plate appearance, so that's a plus.)

Very happy to hear the good news!

Andy said...

Thanks, everybody, for your wishes. And I enjoy hearing the stories about what happened in baseball on your birthday, or your kids, etc!

ajsnyc22 said...

Your post inspired me to, you know, actually look up what happened the day I was born. My standard story had come from the newspaper my parents saved, where the Yankees beat Roger Clemens to give Bucky Dent his first win as Yankee manager -- but thanks to Retrosheet I found out the Yankees actually lost the night I was born. (My parents had saved the paper dated 8/22, with 8/21's events. Wouldn't it make more sense to save the next day's, so you could see what happened on the d.o.b.?)

Instead, I'm stuck with Nolan Ryan's 5000th strikeout and Yaz's 50th birthday. The last two August 22nds, however, have been historic: Carlos Delgado's 400th home run in '06 (plus a Beltran walkoff equaled a great game to be at even in the eyes of a Yankee fan), and last year's game where the Rangers beat the Orioles 30-3.

Cannonball said...

I'm just stunned that I'm not the youngest ever to leave a comment here, albeit by three months and three days.

From years of looking up stuff about May 19, I can recall that I share a birthdate with Curt Simmons, a pretty good lefty for the Phillies and Cardinals, and with Josh Paul, famous for dropping a third strike in the '05 ALCS. It was because of my - our - birthday that I knew who he was when that happened. Also, major leaguers Malcolm X and Pol Pot were born on May 19th.

I only know Braves stuff from May 19. In 1989, they beat Pittsburgh. In 2001, they served up three home runs to Barry Bonds in a game that I attended but left early because of rain. If they had called that game, then Bonds would merely have tied McGwire. Last year, they lost a blowout and then won a blowout against Boston on my birthday, and, this year, they didn't play.