Monday, May 19, 2008

#461 Danny Darwin

Why this card is awesome: Because it's Crazy Texas Time! Darwin was born in Texas, lives in Texas, played for Texas for most of his career, and the fact on the back talks about his time in the Texas League.

Cool stat: Drawin had a truly fabulous 1993 that went largely unnoticed because Boston blew a bunch of leads for him. That season was one of only 7 since 1901 where a pitcher at least 37 years old made at least 37 starts and had a WHIP of 1.07 or less.


Triple Play said...

I guess Topps ran out of room on the back of the card to explain the big 4 team trade that sent Darwin to the Brewers.

The teams included the Brewers, Mets, Royals, Rangers. Ah, the good ole days of multi-team trades.

David said...

Darwin's in some nice company on that cool stat.

Luke said...

Future Bucco!!!!!

MMayes said...

Getting on that list didn't ensure success. Darwin's Red Sox blew a lot of leads. Niekro's Astros couldn't score. The team was 20-15 when he started and they scored 2 or fewer in 11 of those losses. Unit had his last 2 Cy Young seasons, but had that 16-14 2004 season when the D-Backs were actually 16-19 when he pitched and scored 2 or fewer in 14 of the 19 losses. Neutralize his stats and he goes from 16-14 to 20-7.