Tuesday, May 27, 2008


OK--new contest. First, here is a description and some rules. The first part of the contest is below.

I'm going to be showing small snippets of cards (see the test post for an example.) Your job is simply to identify which card from the 1988 Topps set the snippet comes from. Each snippet I am showing comes from an autographed copy of that card in my possession. If you are the first commenter to post the correct answer, you win that autographed card!

In this contest, I have about 20 autographed cards I'll be giving away. They will all be posted before we reach card #550 on the regular card postings. Whoever wins the most autographed cards during that time also wins regular cards #451 to #550, plus at least one bonus card. I'll be keeping a running tally of who has won what, and everybody will get their winnings in the mail at the end of the contest.

Here are some rules and some helpful hints, and then see below for 88 AUTO FEST snippet #1.

1. All snippets are taken from the regular 1988 Topps set. (Not the traded set, not the fan favorites cards, or any other special set produced in 1988 or any other time.)

2. For any snippet, the card it's from has already been posted to this blog. So you can use back posts from this blog to help you find the answer.

3. I won't be showing photos of the autographed cards. They are kinda neat, but not worth extra posts in my opinion. So if you win a card, you'll have to wait until you get it to see it!

4. It's possible that some snippets I post may accidentally be applicable to more than one card. If that happens, tough noogies. There will be only one correct answer, and it's the name on the card in my possession.

5. For any given AUTO FEST post, only your first guess will count.

6. You can enter each AUTO FEST post regardless of whether you entered and/or won previous ones or not. If somebody out there is a major hotshot and wins every single card, so be it.

7. Some snippets will be easy and some will be really hard.

Without any further ado, here is snippet #1:

First correct guess wins it!


Kevin said...

#127 Jim Gott

Andy said...


How hard was that?

Kevin said...

Fairly hard. The answer didn't jump out at me, so I went back to the beginning of the blog and started searching for background text.