Tuesday, May 27, 2008

#469 Jeff Dedmon

Why this card is awesome: Because isn't it amazing how Topps can airbrush entire caps on some guys, and yet couldn't do Dedmon the simple favor of covering up a few blemishes? Those don't even look like birthmarks but rather pimples. I'm sure Dedmon loves this card.

Also, I always though Dedmon should look like a skull with dreadlocks. As in, "He's dead, mon!"

Cool stat: I couldn't find much of interest stat-wise about Dedmon. But here is the list of all 30 intentional walks he issued. Here's a cool thing, though! Check out this game, bottom of the 8th. Dedmon issued three intentional walks in that inning, each one coming with runners on 2nd and 3rd. That has got to be a record. And, oh, the humiliation, after he loaded the bases for the 3rd time, pitcher Joaquin Andujar hit a granny off him.

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MMayes said...

I remember watching that game where Joaquin hit a grand slam. He came back to the dugout and made a muscle for the camera. What a guy. I'm surprised he was never hit by a pitch in his career.