Tuesday, May 27, 2008

#470 Dwight Evans

Why this card is awesome: Because Dewey has some serious junk in that trunk! Seriously, he was the king of putting his ass into his swing. Good for him.

Cool stat: Evans is the only player to have double-digit homers every year from 1973 to 1990. In part, that's a statistical oddity due to the exact years of his career. (For example, Dave Winfield didn't get going until 1974, and Mike Schmidt and Reggie Jackson finished up a little before 1990.) Evans was a very good player who might have been truly great if A) he developed his power a little earlier [he didn't hit 30 HR until age 30] and B) if he wasn't always surrounded by better power hitters such as Yaztrzemski and Rice, which would have given him more RBI opportunities.


Cannonball said...

In the background of the card, on the left, stands a guy wearing what looks like a dark blue vest with a lighter blue shirt underneath. Is he wearing an Expos cap and, in a way, continuing a trend on these cards?

Andy said...

Yeah, heh, that's weird. Clearly this is one of many Red Sox cards from this set taken at Comiskey, making it even weirder that he's wearing an Expos cap.