Sunday, May 11, 2008

#437 Fred Manrique

Why this card is awesome: Because I can't figure out what's in the background. I guess it's very blurry fans sitting in the stands, but it looks sort of like they are sitting on a grassy hillside.

The White Sox color scheme for this 1988 Topps set is really starting to irritate me. Why oh why did they think that hot pink made sense? Or pea green? The White Sox, at this time, wore white, red, and blue. You'd think that they could have picked at least one of those colors.

Cool stat: For players with at most 65 walks in their careers, Manrique has the 14th most strikeouts since 1901, pitchers excluded of course. That's a pretty damn interesting list, led by Bill Schroeder, whose card we saw way back when at the beginning of this blog. Current White Sox GM Ken Williams is on there, as is Rangers manager Ron Washington. And current #1 catcher for the Yankees, Jose Molina, is high up as well.

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