Sunday, May 11, 2008

#436 Mike Bielecki

Why this card is awesome: Because, wow, 19 wins in a minor league season is pretty darn good. See the back of the card.

Bielecki once got traded at the tail end of the season to the Braves as they were entering the post-season. It was a weird trade at the time because Bielecki was not eligible to be on the post-season roster although he pitched a couple of games for them in the regular season.

Cool stat: Bobby Bonilla hit the most homers (4) off Bielecki, and 3 of them came in a span of 5 days in 1990. Bonilla hit him really well.


Unknown said...

How come some cards have minor league stats on them and others don't?

Andy said...

A previous commenter pointed out that if the player has at least 4 years in the majors, then Topps didn't show minor league stats.