Thursday, January 10, 2008

#12 Bill Schroeder

Note: I have improved the quality of the card scans, and you'll see the better images starting after card #25.

Why this card is awesome: Because according to the back of the card, Schroeder lived at that time in Hales Corners, which is--I kid you not--a VILLAGE in Wisconsin.

Cool stat: Schroeder, who these days is a TV announcer for the Milwaukee Brewers, hit 61 career homers. However, 12 of them came in his six 2-HR games, and even with the benefit of his homers, his team still lost half of those games. (Mind you, 11 out of 12 of those HRs were solo shots, as you can surmise from the link.)


Bo said...

A village is not that unusual a designation, just refers to a type of local government. There are plenty of "villages" on Long Island where I am from that have populations well into five figures. Even Hales Corners has almost 8000 residents.

Andy said...

If you read down in the comments right here, it looks like Schroeder might be among the career leaders in HR for players with more career HR than walks.

Andy said...

Be sure to read another interesting thing about Schroeder on the post for Fred Manrique, #437