Friday, May 9, 2008

#430 Glenn Davis

Why this card is awesome: Because if you look carefully, you can see a blurry New York Met in the dugout balancing a cantaloupe on his head.

In case you didn't know, Glenn Davis was adopted by the parents of Storm Davis, and the two grew up as brothers.

Cool stat: Davis was hurt badly by playing in the Astrodome. His real career stats are 190 HR and 603 RBI, .259/.332/.467. His neutralized stats, though, are 205 RBI, 664 RBI, .273/.349/.493. He would have had 3 seasons of 100+ RBI and 5 seasons with 24 or more homers. Against his brother, Davis reached base in both of his career PAs, including once by HBP!


David said...

Glenn was drafted by Gerry Hunsicker, long-time GM of the Astros and now an executive with Tampa Bay. said...

Any particular reason why said Met in the background is wearing a Star Wars battle helmet under that cantaloupe?