Thursday, May 8, 2008

#429 Tigers Leaders

Why this card is awesome: Because this card is totally awesome AND totally sucky. It's awesome because of the obvious--Gibby and Trammell on the same card. It's sucky because of that guy in the red shirt in the background. I dont' mind seeing other baseball people in the background of photos--umpires, other players, batboys, even fans. But I draw the line at random guys in red shirts.

Cool stat: The 1988 Tigers had 7 players with 47 to 69 RBIs, and nobody with more than 69.

Trammell might be in the HOF one day although I think he's slightly undeserving.


Jim said...

I always hated random guys in blue shirts, but I see where you are coming from.

Andy said...


Uglee Card said...

What do you mean random guy? He's not so random...look a little closer...that's super scout Manny Trillo! (Disguised as an overweight sportswriter.)

Greg Olsen said...

This is my favorite card of all time. When I was a little kid (I was 5 in 1987) Tram and Gibby were larger than life heroes in my house. They represented blue-collar baseball in a blue-collar town. The only way this card could get better is if Lou Whitaker was in the background. Sweet Lou and Tram are Veterans Committee material. They were more than good ballplayers. They stuck with Detroit even in bad times - a value only someone from our part of the country can truly appreciate.