Saturday, April 26, 2008

#384 Neil Allen

Why this card is awesome: Because it's another card where you can get a nice view of his grip on the baseball. I wonder if cards like this annoyed the player. Back in 1988, video technology wasn't close to where it is today, and getting a nice close-up shot of a pitcher's grip on the ball might have been really helpful to some hitters.

Cool stat: Allen has some weird career stats against the Phillies. He's got a 2-10 career record against them, by far his worst record against any team. But he also has 10 saves against them, tied for the most. But he allowed more homers to them than to any other team, although he did it in more games and innings than against any other opponent.

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Bo said...

I was just thinking about this and was surprised no one brought this up. He has one of the most bizarre single season stat lines ever. 1988; 0 complete games, 1 shutout. This was because the Yankee pitcher was knocked out of the game by a batted ball by the leadoff batter of the game. Allen came in and pitched nine scoreless innings and was awarded the shutout, but not the complete game. Has this ever happened before or since?