Friday, April 25, 2008

#383 Eric Bell

Why this card is awesome: Because Bell joins our list of sad-looking players. He's in a similar pose to Chuck Crim, though Bell looks a tad more contemplative.

Also, Bell's middle name is Alvin. Please, parents: if you name your son Eric, don't give him a middle name starting with "A." Because then, when he writes out his name with his middle initial, it looks like "ERICA."

Cool stat: Bell is in a very exclusive club for pitchers who had a year with a non-zero ERA of 0.50 or less. Lots of guys have had a 0.00 ERA (over just a few outings) but it's pretty rare to get a very low ERA that's not quite zero. Interestingly, Joba Chamberlain makes the list from last year.

Seriously, look how similar the poses are:

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