Tuesday, April 22, 2008

#371 Joe Hesketh

Why this card is awesome: Because, this time Topps said, "Hey Joe--we like to try to get shadows on everybody's face. To make doubly sure in your case, let's put the sun behind you AND have you raise both your arms up in a totally fake-looking pitching pose." Actually, I do like the card, in part because of the very retro pose, and in part because I see at least 9 different green things on this card. (I count a green border, green team name, big green fence in the back, short green fence in the front, big green tree on the left, two smaller green trees in front of it, a much smaller green tree in front of those, and the edge of another green tree all the way on the right.)

Cool stat: Hesketh was a pretty good pitcher and I'm surprised he didn't have more success in his career. He had some very nice games, and in particular seemed to really like game scores of 77 or 75.

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