Tuesday, April 22, 2008

#372 Matt Williams

Why this card is awesome: Because Williams must have been standing right next to Jose Uribe, as they both have the solid green background. Also, this was another one of those nice "discovered" rookie cards. Williams had 3 lousy years to start his career. When he broke out in 1990, we collectors went back to our commons boxes to pull out all the Williams rookie cards.

Cool stat: A bit of a cheat, here, but I refer you back to a Stat of the Day post I made a while back showing that Williams once hit 62 homers in a 162-game stretch, back when Roger Maris' 61 was still the record, and the only asterisk anybody talked about was the one some folks wanted on Maris' record since he got 162 games to do it instead of 154.


Triple Play said...

Looks like someone just told Williams, "Quick, think fast."

'94 could have a had a great chase for 61 between Williams and Bagwell.

Jim said...

maybe not 3 LOUSY years to start his career, he came around mid 1989, and was big against Chicago in the NLCS, will never forget his huge HR off Steve Wilson in Game 4

Anonymous said...

Very interesting about his 62. Never heard that one before.